Online Marketing Planner Focus Tool

The Online Marketing Planner Focus Tool

Discover a complete marketing sequence to earn lots of money

You've already determined your main receptive audience and the product or service you will create or provide for them. Now we are going to plan a complete Direct Response marketing plan adn sequence. This will include desciding upon an introductory product to capture interested peoples' attention, and the messaging that will bring them to buy what you offer.

To get started, what is the product/service you have decided to provide?

Who is your prime responsive audience?

What is it that this person seeks?

We will be using the Educational Product method of marketing. You will create a free product, such as an ebook, and free consultation, DVD or anything relevent. This product will continue your marketing by providing valuable information, usable, to your prospective customer. They will see you as an expert, and should they want to get a service, it will probably be yours.

What is one FREE eductational product/service you can offer to collect interested leads?

What could be another such product?

What could be yet another such product?